HappyCloud Studios

We are a multi-disciplinary studio that specialise in animation, motion graphics & virtual reality.

We turn your visions into action.

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We are here to help you boost sales, performance, visibility.

By combining, Engineering Knowledge + Cinematic Presentation + Your Concept.

We help brands and companies to inform, educate and engage target audience. We deliver outstanding visual contents to serve our clients vision. Since, 2011, We help our clients drive results in marketing strategies, employee training.

Where our technology thrives.

Where our technology thrives.

Showcase the uniqueness of your technology and products. Dive into details while keeping the audience alert.
Interactive visualisations
Animated simulation
Schematic animation
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Explain surgeries visually. Put your patients' mind at ease; become an innovation leader among other professionals.
3D model
3D animation
3D graphics
Schematic animation
Educational animation
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Real-estate development
Let people take a tour of their new home or office and enjoy the view before the construction has even started.
Architectural animation
Exterior visualisation
Interior visualisation

<p>Perfection, in multi-dicipline.</p>

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With our expertise, We can serve you in many ways.

If you have a product or service, We help your customers see it's uniqueness and buy more quickly.

If you have a process or procedure, We help your employees learn it's values and work more productively

If you have a concept or idea, We help your investor / stakeholders realise it's potential

If you have a competitor, we help you win your competition in today’s content-driven marketplace.

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Some of our works

Smith & Nephew
Attractive customised holographic solutions
Ashok Leyland
3D Animation of Sunshine Bus
Engine - Animation for Product Launch
3D animation of the Air Engineeing
Real estate in virtual reality

Our clients.

Our clients.

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